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أفضل أسهم توزع أرباح في السوق السعودي
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Автор:  doaausef3li [ 26 янв 2024, 21:28 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  أفضل أسهم توزع أرباح في السوق السعودي

When choosing a company's stock, it is necessary to ensure that the company distributes dividends to investors and shareholders on an ongoing and regular basis, as this is what gives investors confidence in choosing the company.
أفضل أسهم توزع أرباح في السوق السعودي
While studying the financial history of companies and noticing that the company is late in paying the due profits or does not pay the profits on a regular basis, it is recommended to stay away from it, because it will not achieve the desired goal of investing in it.

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